New Pair of Sock
Trying out a new pair of socks in June

Today’s unprecedented access to data and technology has set off a push among leading companies to fully harness insights and intelligence that were previously beyond reach.

At tealbook, we often get the opportunity to join discussions with these leadership teams, hearing in their own words the challenges they see and the visions they are working towards. Their goals often focus around simplicity, speed, agility, stakeholder-centricity, innovation, and diversity. In the spirit of helping the procurement community learn from each other about how to embrace digital transformation, we recently brought together customers, advocates, and thought leaders for an executive exchange. In the summary report, you will hear from:

  • Chris Sawchuck, Principal and Global Procurement Advisory Practice Leader at The Hackett Group, on defining transformation, and providing insight on where procurement was and where we aim to be.
  • Doug Paul, GM Sourcing, Global Operations at GE, on the complexities and value of managing master data in a large organization.
  • Walter Charles, CPO at Biogen, on disruption and using AI-driven supplier discovery.
  • Bart Reekmans, CPO at SUEZ North America, on digitizing a legacy organization and including diversity suppliers.
  • Jodi Kovitz, Founder and CEO of #MoveTheDial, on the mindset shift we need to make today so that our investments in AI and other technologies represent the strengths of the whole population.

When engaged, forward-thinking professionals collaborate to solve the big unanswered questions facing an industry, there is no limit to the scope of their potential impact. This Executive Exchange was inspiring for everyone who participated in it, and we hope this report creates a similar desire to drive change within your own organization – leveraging the full creativity of your team. After all, bringing together people with diverse viewpoints to proactively share their ideas is the best way to get ahead of – even thrive because of – the coming disruption.